2017 Intensives

Shel and Ishmael

This year we will have 3 Intensive workshops happening simultaneously in the afternoon slot. All of them will be held in the spacious studios of UC Berkeley and will be taught 1:30-4PM daily (Thursday to Monday, June 29 – July 3).

Shel Wagner Rasch will be offering Essential CI – Fundamentals Intensive, for beginning and advanced dancers who would like to immerse in a hearty exploration of the formational concepts of Contact Improv.  Ishmael Houston-Jones will be offering Choreographing Improvisation / Improvising Choreography, an intensive for movers and performers who already have good basic knowledge of the form. The third intensive will be a drop-in option and will be co-taught by the group teachers/organizers of wcciJAM (Rajendra Serber, Megan Lowe, Rosemary Hannon and Vitali Kononov)

Read the description for the Drop-In Intensive ca-taught by the mighty RRVM Team

You MUST register for the entire wcciJAM to take part in either of the first two.

Please follow the links to individual pages for more information on each intensive. We are so thrilled to have such fantastic teachers joining us for this year’s wcciJAM!

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