Drop-in Intensive co-taught by wcciJAM team

Challenging Assumptions

This intensive will be team taught by wcciJAM organizers. Each day, we will cultivate curiosity, choice, and readiness through scores, patterns, and dances that challenge our CI assumptions and habits. This investigation will include the politics of dancing, engaging with habits around identity, control, and duet vs. group dancing. We will use the tracking of our own attention, sensation, and somatic systems to dive deeply into our assumptions and what lies beyond. Discovering ourselves in the process of answering these questions through movement:

  • How can I move beyond my habitual use of space, timing, touch, and flow?
  • What functional and compositional limits define my dance?
  • How do I find deep satisfaction with my solo dance within duet and group dances?
  • What helps me access my curiosity and enjoyment of reality as it is? With any partner?
  • How do I dance safely while breaking open the expectations of what a dance can be?
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