A new endeavor since 2013, wcciJAM’s familyJAM and workshop every morning offer children, parents and friends the possibility to explore dance and movement together. Led by long time dancers and educators Rossana Alves and Krista DeNio, the familyJAM invites the younger members of our community into the rhythm of the festival and teaches grown ups valuable tools to integrate their family lives and dance lives.


The Family Jam class is a space for dance and interaction between children and parents based on the principles of Contact Improvisation. Engaging movement exercises and experiments, families will activate their imaginations and express themselves in a fun, safe and creative environment. Flying, catching, climbing, falling, rolling and landing, as well as gravity, momentum, tempo, level, and size, will be explored in 5 days of classes.
Adults will be encouraged to focus on supporting the young people’s experience and choice-making, while young folks will be encouraged to engage creatively and mindfully in the dance with dancers of all ages and sizes.
Following class is an open FamilyJAM for parents and children of all ages. Adults may bring up to two children. wcciJAM partricipants without children are welcome to join. Please contact us for details about how to participate.

FamilyJAM at Bancroft Studio

Class 10–11 am
FamilyJAM continues after class as open movement space until 12:30 pm.

wcciJAM familyJAM pass: (6 mornings of family class and jam)
$100-140 per family
(Up to two adults, and up to two children per participating adult.)
Drop in price: $25
FamilyJAM is included in the full festival price. If you are registered for the full festival, your children dance for free.

Please note:
Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. At least one active adult participant per two children is required.
FamilyJAM pass is good for the family class and JAM only.

The familyJAM pass and the drop-in price for one morning of familyJAM do not include food. If you are registered for the full festival food is included. If you bring your child with you to eat they pay $6 per meal if they are under 12 years old. (Small toddlers eating from their caregiver’s plate will not be charged for food.)

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