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Photo: Jote Mahern

Dear Contact Improvising parents: Introducing PlayCare!

We will be offering PlayCare the Bancroft small studio 1:15–4:15pm on all five full days of the event.  There will also be a Family class and FamilyJAM, where kids are welcome to dance with their grown-ups in the mornings.

Each PlayCare period will be overseen by one staff member and one work exchange volunteer, who have been vetted by the wcciJAM leadership team.

To participate in PlayCare, children must be able to communicate their needs, follow verbal instructions and use the bathroom. Younger children are welcome into the PlayCare space with a caregiver. Children should eat meals before coming to the studio, and bring snacks.

PlayCare at Bancroft Small Studio
1:15–4:15pm, June 29th–July 3rd
PlayCare pricing:

  • Drop-in: $20 per session per family
  • Full five afternoons: $50 per family
  • Please contact us if you have questions or need support!
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