We have an exciting line-up of local and international teachers offering intensives, family workshop and single classes all throughout the event. Each evening there will be a fundamentals class, providing those new to the form an easy access into dancing and jamming.

Carol Swann photo by Elena Zhukova

photo by Elena Zhukova

Intensives With:
Ishmael Houston-Jones

Shel Wagner Rasch
Drop-in Intensive with wcciJAM team:
Rosemary Hannon, Vitali Kononov, Megan Lowe and Rajendra Serber

Deepening Classes with:
Carol Swann
Nina Wehnert 
Dan Bear Davis
Nuria Bowart

Mary Pearson

Fundamentals Classes with:
Ezra LeBank
Jordan Fuchs 
Jordan Stout
Katherine Cook
Neige Christenson

FamilyJAM with:
Rossana Alves
Krista DeNio

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