Carol Swann

Improvising The Socially Conscious Body

Carol Swann photo by Elena Zhukova

photo by Elena Zhukova

Social Somatics is the awareness that bodies are both forming and being formed by our social/cultural histories.  The exploration of SS is the relationship between our inner embodied experiences and the social systems that shape our lives. This is an invitation to consciously activate awareness of our social bodies to transform internalized, relational, structural and cultural conditions that distort our personal and collective connectedness. Embodied perception invites the possibility of choice discovered through interrupting and intercepting challenging set beliefs and rigid concepts.

Physical Improvisation offers the space to source and explore conscious or unconscious material inside ourselves as well as in the group. Improvisation allows for different individual levels and styles of movement vocabulary to co-exist while being responsible to the collective mind. Improvising also teaches us to recognize what needs to happen in a given moment and shift states, physical possibilities or directions if that is what is required to serve the situation. Within a structure and framework we unfold what wants to happen.

Improvisational exercises and scores will be designed to explore these intersecting body-mind perceptions of our social training. Participatory dialogue will engage our collective questions, harvested insights and shared wisdom. Curiosity and compassion will support the container.


Carol-Swann photo by Vitali Kononov

photo by Vitali Kononov

Carol Swann is a teacher, facilitator, performance artist, Somatic therapist, activist and visionary. She has been teaching Contact Impro., Improvisation  (1977), Voice, Somatics and Authentic Movement for 35 years in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Israel and Russia. She is Co-founder and Director of “Moving On Center, School Of Participatory Arts and Somatic Education”. She has a private practice in Somatic Therapy (Hakomi/Process Work), Alexander Technique, Voice and is a Group Process Facilitator. Her work is influenced by Nature, liberatory politics, Balkan Singing, Bonnie Cohen(Body-Mind Centering), Arnold Mindell (Process Work), John Cage, Meredith Monk, Steve Paxton, Somatics and everything else in her awareness.

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