Katherine Cook



Following the fall, floating through the fall. In this workshop we’ll work with falling as our medium, from the ground up, in solo, duet, and beyond. Guiding questions: How can we fall on, under, over, below, or with, while safely maintaining our own freedoms? What is the quality of the space between yielding and withholding in a fall? How does the body give consent to this fundamental act of physics? The format of this class is like a laboratory: bring your curiosity, your persistence, and your willingness to do it wrong, right, and sideways.



Katherine Cook is a dancer, teacher, and mathematician living and working in Seattle WA. She has been teaching, performing, studying, and collaborating in dance improvisation practices and research throughout the northwest and beyond, working with people of all levels of dance backgrounds, in a deep and sustained relationship with the rigor, complexity, and creativity of improvisation.


Katherine teaches CI in Seattle, and has taught at the University of Washington, the Centrum Jam, the Breitenbush Spring Jam, Dance Camp Northwest, the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, and the Buddhio. She runs the monthly Underscore in Seattle and is a member of the Seattle CI Lab. She has developed teaching material with and/or performed with Nancy Stark Smith, Karen Nelson, Cyrus Khambatta, and Kris Wheeler, among others.

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