Mary Pearson

Deepening Class: On ‘listening’

A class focused on entering into receptive states, becoming moveable through sensing.  ‘Listening’ to internal bodily sensations, and into the sensations of dancing partners through touch. Open to suggestions: from the air, the floor, the room, colors, forms, and patterns. I am particularly interested in making experiments with translations: what is happening between and across my senses? If my eyes and skin are also my ears, and my fingers can see. When images are being written into bodies with movement, and read by other bodies. Could dancing together be easier? What is there to discover moving beyond my effort, predictions, and will? Practicing being in touch, moved by listening.


  Mary Pearson  (USA/UK) first collided with CI at Oberlin College (USA), while earning a B.A. in Visual Art and English, and studying dance. Her CI practice took root at the ‘Wednesday jam’ (Berne, Switzerland), Freiburg festival, with Nancy Stark Smith (Earthdance), and the Liverpool Improvisation Collective (UK). She began teaching CI in 2009 (Liverpool John Moore’s University) and has since taught at Freiburg festival 2016, The Berkeley Jam, Liverpool Hope University, The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), Improvisation Exchange Leeds, and The Glasgow Jam. She has trained, performed, and mentored at Ponderosa P.O.R.C.H. summer school.  A multi- or anti-disciplinary performance artist, Mary has trained in physical theatre (Kiklos Teatro, IT), comedy improvisation, classical and contemporary dance, and voice. She has toured internationally with solo performance works and FAILURE Lab workshops.

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