Neige Christenson


Trio superpowers!

CI is primarily a duet form, but there are wonderful possibilities when a third element becomes a creative and exciting enhancement to a dance.

We will explore approaches to connecting with multiple partners by offering a presence that supports momentum in a delightful way. We’ll practice listening and entering smoothly, joining to encourage lovely melting falls, and moments of easy suspension and flow. Infusing the usual dyadic jam-scene with trio-savviness spices things up very nicely.

Bio: Neige Christenson has enjoyed over 30 years of exploring, teaching and performing Contact Improvisation, supported and enriched by the practice of Authentic Movement. She holds an MA in Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University, and actively supports both her home-jam in Boston and the CI programming at Earthdance. She loves the way a CI duet can be a metaphor for human relationship and also be an abstract expression of life-force energy. Her teaching encourages opening the improvisational mind and body to full presence and connection with self and other. Performance and dance portraits can be found here. Her writings on dancing the improvised life, homeschooling and our relationship to this earth have appeared in Contact Quarterly; The Sun magazine; Fire in the Womb: Mothers and Creativity; and Hope Beneath Our Feet: Restoring our Place in the Natural World.


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