Nina Wehnert

Folding and Unfolding

Nina Wehnert photo by Patric Beeleart

photo by Patric Beeleart

In our early lives in the fluid environment and through fluid movement our body tissues grew.

We went through a history of folding and unfolding, of enveloping, spiraling, embracing and deep touch.

These aspects are still inherent in all our body structures and our lives. We will use the understanding of embryology to support Contact Improvisation skills.

Through the richness of condensing and expanding, of lightness and fluidity, of being and resting we will explore moving in our duets.


Nina Wehnert lives in Berlin and teaches Body-Mind Centering® and Contact Improvisation in classes, workshops, and festivals around Europe as well as at dance schools.

She has been dancing CI since 1998 and started to teach around 2001- in the first years on and off. Since 2010 she’s been more engaged in teaching and got invited to festivals around Europe like Freiburg Festival, Italian Contact Festival, Contact meets Contemporary in Göttingen, In Touch Festival Berlin, Potsdam Jam, Notafee Festival Estonia and Sensing In Berlin (Axis Syllabus Festival), a.o. Since 2014 she is teaching Workshops around Europe interweaving principles of BMC® and Contact Improvisation.
In her teaching she enjoys exploring specific moments of embryology, moments of migration, touch, meeting, sensing and perception that underline and support contact improvisation ideas.

Currently, Nina is teaching Body-Mind Centering® in weekly classes as well as in the one-year dance program at Tanzfabrik, Berlin and at the Somatische Basis Ausbildung (a 3-year somatic training) at Somatische Akademie, Berlin. She is on the board of the german speaking BMC® Association Glia.

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